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Big Discounts on Imperfect Stickers from Violette Stickers!

Colors are slightly off from our original regular stock therefore we can not mix the stock! SAVE BIG!

Vintage 1970's and 80's HALLMARK!

Huge assortment of Hallmark favorites. Don't wait to purchase as we only one or two of most of the designs. We have about 25 more to add ... so check back often!

Fun St. Patrick's Day Stickers

Birthday Stickers!

GREAT DEAL on Paper House Sticky Pix: 8pcs

Huge assortment of Vintage Sticky Pix Stickers by Paper House. Enjoy 8 brand new sheets of stickers for a super low price (2 sheets pictured) 2" x 8" sheets

Mrs. Grossman's Favorites:

These are some of the top sought after Mrs. Grossmans's stickers for collections.

Rare Finds and Highly Collectible Stickers

Sticker Stash is a private collection of Vintage stickers purchased over the past fourty years. It includes, Hambly prismatic glitter stickers from the 1980's, stickers fromThe Gifted Line by John Grossman, a huge slection of Mrs. Grossman's highly rare and collectible stickers, Paper House Sticky Pix favorites, 1970's and 80's Vinatge Hallmark stickers, Disney and so much more! The Stash is also Violette Sticker's OUTLET for purchasing overstock and slightly imperfect stickers at huge discounted prices. Oh .. and don't miss the super special grab bags which contents change monthly. We hope you enjoy shopping this LARGE collection of stickers as much as we do!

Mrs. Grossman's Chubby Collection

Hambly Prismatic Glitter Stickers

Large assortment of Hambly Prismatic Glitter Stickers from 1980! Ideal for Trapper Keepers ... :) We almost have the complete line of stickers. Limited Stock!

Shop all Hambly Stickers

Limited Stock: Rare 1980's Ocean animals, fish and seashells.

Check out all the RARE Glitter Animal Stickers by Hambly:

BEST SELLER: Beautiful Red Glitter Rose Stickers

Super low price as we have so many of these beautiful stickers! These bright red prismatic sparkly glitter stickers are beautiful and so fun to use at this super low price. Collect one and use the other sheets. You'll be delighted at their color!

New in package!

Ready for some Spring Easter fun?

Huge selection of Easter rabbits, yellow chicks, painted eggs and springtime fun!

Who loves a special surprise set of stickers?

Extra Special grab bags with assorted random stickers. Pick from $5 Warehouse Imperfects grab, $10 Strips grab, $15 Sticker Squares grab, $20 Squares and Strips and $25 Anything Goes grab bags. Check them all out!

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    We are just getting started! Check back often as we are just getting all the stock online. There are so many boxes of stickers we have yet to uncover from our secret stash!

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    Along with rare vintage stickers, we have partnered with Violette Stickers to sell overstock, slightly imperfect, and rare discontinnued stickers at great prices! Check out bulk buys and sticker packs for special deals.


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