Collection: Violette Stickers

Violette Stickers started in the early 2000's and in known for beautiful Victorian rose  floral stickers and whimsical dressed up animal stickers.  They have branched out into all categories of stickers today and are a big player in the sticker industry.  This collection of Violette Stickers includes:

  • SCRATCH N SNIFF - Cotton Candy, Honey & Peppermint Stickers
  • GEMS - Sparkle Glitter Epoxy collection  *LOW STOCK*
  • Rare FIRST RUNS of current selling favorites
  • PROTOTYPES - for the avid collector. One of kind less than 10 copies
  • STICKER PACKS - special deals on current stickers selling full price elsewhere
  • Satin Ribbon Sticker Strips
  • RARE 6" x 8" Sticker Sheets